Fitness Classes

Our fitness classes can be booked on an individual basis or utilised as part of one of our Monthly Membership packages.

Fitness Classes Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga

A brand new kind of yoga class that incorporates traditional yoga poses with the use of low hanging silk hammocks to improve flexibility and build strength.

Fitness Classes Spin

Spin Class

Studio cycle class incorporating interval training methods – climb hills and sprint finishes all to the beat of upbeat tunes in the comfort of our spin studio.

Fitness Classes Beamblock Yoga

BeamBlock Yoga

BeamBlock Yoga is a new and innovative flexibility training system designed to improve flexibility using a world-patented apparatus called BeamBlock. BeamBlock is placed on top of your existing yoga mat and is designed to provide both increased flexibility and a greater physical challenge to your practice.

Fitness Classes Pilates


Pilates is a system of controlled exercises that engage the mind and condition the total body. The blend of strength and flexibility training improves posture, reduces stress and creates long, lean muscles without bulking up. Pilates takes a balanced approach so that no muscle group is overworked and the body moves as an efficient, holistic system in sport and daily activity.

Fitness Classes Pound Rock Workout

Pound! Rock Workout

A fitness class that makes you feel like a rockstar! Entire body toning, using weighted Ripstix (drumsticks) to tone and sculpt every muscle and problem area. Pound! is a full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming.

The workout fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and Isometric poses into a 45-minute class. Drum your way to a leaner, slimmer physique – all while rocking out to your favourite music!

Fitness Classes Circuits


High intensity interval training session.
Several stations situated all around the room with different pieces of equipment that will work a specific part of your body.

Participants work at their station for a set time and then move onto the next. This is a complete full body workout that is guaranteed to make you sweat!

Fitness Classes Glute Band Workout

The Glute Band Workout

These unassuming bands will take your squats, bridges, and other exercises to the next level by keeping all three major muscles in your bum – the gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus – firing at once.

Fitness Classes Rebound


Trampolining is an awesome way to burn serious calories! It’s joint-friendly too – taking the impact away from the hard floor and onto the safe, low impact surface of the trampoline, so it’s perfect for those who worry about their knees! Bouncing is always fun, but it’s tougher than it looks! That’s why we keep our Rebound classes to short 30 minute bursts!

Fitness Classes Tabata


A Tabata is a high-intensity workout protocol that has fitness and weight-loss benefits. 20/10 means 20 seconds of all-out exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest.

Fitness Classes Kettlercise


Kettlercise uses just one piece of equipment – the Kettlebell to shape and sculpt your body! Designed for rapid fat loss & a lean toned body, it’s fun, super quick and super effective!

Fitness Classes TRX


Suspension training in the new group format. Combining cardio and strength for an amazing workout. Build strength and muscle tone alongside a top fat burning experience.


Ditch the workout, join the party! Zumba isn’t a fitness class, it’s a calorie-burning dance fitness party! Get ready to shake what ya mamma gave ya with simple choreography to kickin’ tunes that anyone can follow along to. We guarantee you’ll leave this class with a big smile on your face!


Legs, bums and tums works exactly what it says! Great class to tighten those thighs, lift that bum and tone those wobbly tums.

Barre and Balls

A full body work out, low impact but high intensity, incorporating the use of a ballet barre and your own body weight with principles of Pilates and ballet to tone and strengthen the body. We encorporate pilates trigger point balls to realease tight muscles, improve posture and improve circulation. Classes are adaptable, so great for all abilities!

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